What our customers are saying about A Peek in the Pod.

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"The technician was excellent - knew exactly what to look for and how to manipulate the machine & baby to get the best images. This was totally unlike the ultrasounds at a doctor’s office - the room is huge, with large couches to seat a whole family and a huge TV so everyone can clearly see the little one! The tech takes the time to look from every angle and lets you really spend time seeing your baby. The images I received to bring home were nothing short of amazing. It was such a special experience. I’m definitely going back in a few weeks to see how my little one has grown!"

Liss G.

What an amazing experience!!! As soon as we were greeted by the owner Daniella, we felt at home! She made it so personal and such a heart warming experience. We were a little early so instead of sitting there awkwardly quiet, we all had a great conversation about pretty much everything. I felt so comfortable because to be honest I was more than nervous, considering my other ultrasound experiences have been not so great, but as soon as we all got to talking that nervous feeling soon went away. When we were escorted into the room we were shocked by how beautiful it was! Gorgeous couches, a state of the art machine and a huge plasma for everyone to see our beautiful baby. The technician was so sweet, informing us of everything that was going on. Her position, what she was doing at that moment (it's pretty hard to tell if you don't exactly know what you're looking at) so that was definitely another plus. Believe you me the low price of $129 is so worth it. I left so happy and so relieved and I would recommend A Peek In The Pod to any expecting mother to be!

We came to a Peek in the Pod for a sonogram to see our baby.  The place was clean and beautiful and there was plenty of room for my parents, my grandmother and the inlaws to come in with us.  Everyone got to sit on comfortable sofas and watch the ultrasound.  It was amazing!  The technician was a sweetheart.  My mom and grandma both cried!   I will definitely be back again before the baby is born.

Poppy M.

"Thank you so much for always welcoming me with love and care! It is so much better to come here whenever I feel like seeing my baby girl and not have to wait for appointments. You are always available and I can come with the whole family. It is so much fun! Thank you all for everything!"

"We really enjoyed our experience at Peek in the Pod! The staff is extremely friendly & caring and they go out of their way to get that special shot. Thank you so much!"

Alina Matienzo

"Excellent Service. Very kind and customer oriented. Professional staff. Highly recommended, great room to see the ultrasounds. Thank you for the wonderful experience"

Beatriz Perez

"Very nice place with awesome techs. If you want to meet your baby before it's born come here. You will not be happier anywhere else. Nice pics, nice videos, what else can I say."

Dad for First Time

"I couldn't be happier with the services provided at Peek in the Pod. If I could I would come every week to take a "peek" at my little one. The Ultrasound Room is big enough for the entire family which makes for a beautiful memory!

Love this place and the people who work there."

Mariana Salerno

"We had an amazing experience at Peek in the Pod 4D Imaging Corp. Their staff was super friendly & professional & made the process an unforgettable experience. We received amazing images from our Baby Girl.

We can't be any happier with the results. We loved it!

Thank You!"

Ana & Horcicio

"The service was pretty great! I liked it, the courtesy and the patience of the staff members went beyond my expectations."

"My family's experience at "a Peek in the Pod" was so awesome. I was really excited looking forward to my daughter having the ultrasound done but I never expected the "eye opening" experience we had. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and the staff made you feel like family, but the actual 3d/4d experience was a bonding experience for us. The ultrasound images on the screen brought my grandbaby's coming home to me. It was no longer an expectation for us, but a reality. My grandbaby is now an individual, not an upcoming event for us.

Thank you a Peek in the Pod!!!"

"A Peek in the Pod is a great way to peek at your precious gift. Thanks for making it very comfortable.
See you for the next one :-)"

"Great service, the attendant, nurse allowed us to see the baby for 30 minutes. Very comfortable office space for patient and company (others)."

Carmen Robertti

"Wonderful, friendly staff, very efficient and beautiful photos, professional atmosphere. Overall, wonderful job!

"Chris and I LOVED our 4D Ultrasound session and are looking forward to watching our DVD with our parents this weekend. Our teddy bear was the first thing we sat in our brand new nursery. It's so cute!!"

Britney Simpson

"My first visit was in September and I just had to go back !! Very clean, family friendly and great staff:) ... Dealing with pregnant women is not easy, and they just make you feel very special and give that one-on-one attention we want. Thank you again for your services!"

Julissa Rivera

"Amazing Service! The staff was very kind and customer oriented. Great room to see the ultrasounds. Highly recommended to expectant mothers!"

"I had my 4d sonogram done by A Peek in the Pod at 28 weeks. I felt like I knew my daughter before I even met her. I had such a great bond with her from the minute she was born! I felt like I knew her because I had a picture of her for weeks before she was born. I must say she looked identical to her sonogram. What a great way to bond with your little bundle of joy! I also got her heartbeat recorded in a teddy bear from here and I listened to it all the time. We still do and now we play it for London to hear. Thank you A Peek in the Pod!!!"

Jennifer O'Neill

"The first impression of A Peek in The Pod was relaxing, warming & welcoming. The staff is very accommodating and friendly. This beautiful experience couldn't have been better. Thank you for all your great hospitality. Keep on the smiles."

Arlenis Cordoba

"My experience with A Peek in the Pod 4D Imaging was amazing. The staff is friendly and created a very welcoming environment."

"I came in when I was 18 weeks, and my fiancé and I would like to do this again. We had such a wonderful experience last time and it is well worth the drive from Key West."

Heather Estep